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Class 2T

Friday, 10 February 2017

On Wednesday, Class 2T really enjoyed safer internet day. We thought really carefully about the SMART rules and made our own collage SMART letters. We also made some posters to remind us how to be safe when using the internet. We had lots of fun going into the photo booth and taking pictures that were safe to use online.

This week in Art we have also been drawing fruits using charcoal, pastels and sketching pencils. We can’t wait to show our family at our Fabulous Finish reflection event next Wednesday.

3T Safer Internet Day

Thursday, 9 February 2017

3T had a fantastic day learning all about staying safe on the Internet. We talked about how to share photos safely, and how to make sure we are projecting positive images of ourselves. We had lots of fun dressing up in the photo booth and taking safe photos of each other.
In the afternoon, we created some very informative posters about how to stay safe online. We shared our posters and our learning with some of our parents too.

Internet Safety Day in 2B

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Today we have been doing some online safety and we’ve had lots of fun. We have been finding out about how to stay safe online. We looked at the SMART rules and talked about what they mean. We made a collage using newspaper to make the SMART letters and we went to the photo booth. Everyone enjoyed dressing up and having their photos taken. It was very exciting. Some of us also got to take different photos on the I-pads.

From 2B :)

Learning in 4T

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Last week, 4T finished off presenting the fantastic homework that they made in the Christmas holidays, and Isobel showed us what you needed to wear if you were going to Antarctica. Miss Taylor was so impressed with all the effort we had put into our homework!

We also created a character description of a figure chosen from the painting, “A Sunday Afternoon” by Georges Pierre Seurat. They were all very descriptive and really pulled you in. 4T also made a descriptive setting for the very same picture!

Chili- 4T

What we are learning in 3T this week

Thursday, 2 February 2017

On Monday morning we tried to finish of our amazing volcano books we were making. We had a lot of pages to finish off. We had to do:
Front Cover
Types of Volcanoes
Famous Volcanoes
Volcano Diagram
How a Volcano Erupts
How to Make Different Chocolate Rocks
Fun Facts
Back Cover
It took a very long time to make our books but eventually we all finished them. They are displayed in the classroom for us all to read. You can tell we have learnt a lot about Volcanoes.

On Wednesday we did some maths and made we did net 3D shapes out of paper it was a little tricky but we managed to make cubes, cuboids, cones and square based pyramids.

Whizzy Wednesday: Stop Motion and Green Screen

Wednesday, 25 January 2017



We have been creating films using stop-motion animation. To make our film we have had to take hundreds of pictures (frames) with the smallest possible movement in them. We have learnt that it is important to keep the camera stationary, and not to move any of the other props in the video whist manipulating our characters. The most effective videos, we have discovered, are the ones which are the most visually appealing and have the simplest storylines. We look forward to making a stop-motion cooking animation next time!

Whizzy Wednesday Art

Sunday, 22 January 2017


Whizzy Wednesdays have allowed everyone at St John’s to nurture and develop their creative sides and in the Art club we have been doing just that!

In Week 1 we created our own snowflake stencils and then used acrylic paints to create some very attractive pattern work.

In Week 2 we focused on the art of Mondrian and were inspired to create similar artwork using blocks of primary colour. To get the straight edges Mondrian used, we placed masking tape down whilst painting. Once removed most of us were left with a series perfectly straight lines.

Have a look outside 4T’s classroom to see some of the art from Whizzy Wednesday and the Thursday Art Club. Why not try out some of the techniques for yourselves at home!






4T become product designers!

Sunday, 22 January 2017

This week we designed amazing new drinks and their containers. The drinks were many flavours and tastes with peculiar packaging of all different shapes and sizes. In English lessons we wrote persuasive letters to Coca Cola to persuade them to add our drinks to their range. Nearly all of us did a healthy drink with a label saying ‘No added sugar’. Most of the drinks we designed were made out of fruit. We all really hope we get a reply from Coca Cola and that our drinks make it into the stores!

Bethany- 4T

Class 2T

Monday, 16 January 2017

In Class 2T we have been learning all about Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. We received a letter from Tim Peake who asked us to help him get ready to go to space. We needed to make sure we had our boarding tickets and our passports so we made them specially. After that we boarded the rocket Wayzu and blasted off in to space. It was a very bumpy ride! When we got there we were all floating around. Luckily we completed the mission and landed back at school in time for home time. Since then we have learnt lots of facts about Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake and how they are famous for being astronauts. We can’t wait to find out more.

Abstract Expressionism meets Polictical Art

Monday, 16 January 2017

Inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock and Joshua Allen Harris, we have created some hybrid art mixing abstract expressionism with a political message. First, using pastels, we designed a ‘melting Earth’ signifying the loss of ice due to global warming – some of us even turned the Earth into a melting ice cream. Then, after studying the work of Jackson Pollock and the ‘creative space’ he used to tune his mind into, we went outside, placed our canvas onto the grass and allowed our body’s to guide us in the process of creating our abstract expressionism. We have now morphed the two pieces together to form one creative masterpiece!