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E-Safety activity of the week

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Do you know the differences between social networking sites and our learning platform (welearn365)?

Can you add your comments below?

Think about your behaviour on these different places. Appropriate places to share information and safety. We look forward to reading your responses.


From St John’s E-Safety Team

Year 5/6 trip to Swanage – Tuesday update

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Years 5 and 6 at Moors Valley yesterday afternoon and enjoying a spot of crabbing today in Swanage!

E-Safety Activity 17.05.16

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Last week, we set the school an activity which was to watch your year group’s video about E-safety.

What choices did the characters make that made them unsafe? If you were that person what would you do differently to change the situation and not become a target?

Please add your comments below.

From the E-Safety Team


Gymnastics success for Year 2 children!

Friday, 26 February 2016

On Tuesday, 8 boys and girls from 2B went to Trinity Secondary School in Leamington Spa to compete with other schools from Kenilworth and Leamington.

They had to take part in three different activities, the whole time being judged and scored by a team of expert gymnasts! Firstly, they had to learn and perform a routine to show to an audience. After that they had to, individually complete the vault. The judges were looking for control, pointed toes and a perfect jump with bent knees and a super smart gymnastics finish. The final judged section was the floor routine that all of year two have worked hard to rehearse. There was a lot to remember but the children did a fantastic job, remembering every jump, turn, roll and movement!

The children bounced happily (can you tell we have also been learning to use adverbs?) out of the school and onto our private mini-bus because they all had shining silver medals around their necks for coming second place!

Well done Year 2!





This week in 5E

Friday, 27 November 2015

This week 5E have been celebrating Thanksgiving as part of our RMSC topic!

In small group we chose recipes that were typical of thanksgiving food and cooked them on Thursday and Friday. We then had a thanksgiving party on Friday afternoon and ate A LOT of food. I think you can tell from the pictures just how yummy the food was!

We’ve also been working really hard on our writing this week and created some beautiful descriptions about some Star Wars planets and what they looked like. We paid particular attention to the landscapes and imagined what things like canyons would look like and how it might have felt to have been there.

Furthermore, class 5 are really looking forward to the KS2 Christmas play. We have been singing the songs on repeat and all the parts have been distributed. The big day will come soon enough so it’s really important that we get learning!


IMG_0253 IMG_0255 IMG_0256 IMG_0257

Reception – week 11

Friday, 27 November 2015

This week in Reception we have been reading the story of Stickman. We read through the story and spoke about the different locations he went to, we then created our own story map to sequence the story. We wrote about our family ‘We are the Reception family, we are bound together you and me, we are all part of the family tree’  and then drew a picture of our family members.

In Maths we have been learning about addition and adding two single digit numbers together. The children were able to use objects to support them when finding the total for their number sentences.

This week we have also started practising for our Christmas Nativity ‘A Wriggley Nativity’, we are having lots of fun in rehersals and are enjoying learning all the songs.

Mrs Fenner and Miss Gill

The best bits of 2B this week

Friday, 27 November 2015

We have had another fantastic week in 2B. These are some of our favourite bits:

  • Dinosaur story writing.
  • Subtracting in maths – we are all improving!
  • Reading lots of different stories.
  • Great English learning.
  • Fantastic music with Mrs Pollard.
  • Brilliant singing in preparation for our Christmas play.
  • Activate – it’s getting harder but we can still do it!
  • Super handwriting.
  • Finding out what Ben the Broccoli has been up to over the weekend.

We could write even more but it’s nearly hometime! We will write again soon.

Being respectful online – E-Safety club discussion

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Today in our E-Safety officers meeting we thought it was important for our school to understand how to be respectful on the internet.

We would like each class to comment on this blog post answering the question what does respect online mean and how can we make sure we are always respectful?

You can read each other’s entries too.

Year 2

Friday, 20 November 2015

We are all feeling really proud of ourselves this week and ended the week with everyone feeling positive about how much we have progressed! We shared some of the things we have enjoyed and all agreed we have got better at:

  • Playing kindly together and looking out for those who are looking for someone to play with.
  • Understanding that it is ok to get something wrong and that is how we all learn. We talked about this in maths because at the beginning of the week our self-assessment was red and by the end of the week most of us were green which meant we felt more confident.
  • Including descriptive vocabulary in our writing. This week  we were trying hard to include adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

There were lots of other positive ideas and we will share these again.

Today we voted for what parts we are going to be in our Christmas performance of Born In a Barn. Everyone is getting very excited!

E-Safety Update

Friday, 20 November 2015

The E-Safety Officers have been hard at work investigating what the children in school have been doing online whilst at school and at home. This week we conducted a survey across the whole school which really helped us plan what lessons and assemblies  we are going to do over the next few terms to make sure all of the children in our school are SMART online!

We will send out a letter soon to all of the parents to explain how they can help at home too. If you come into school don’t forget to check our E-Safety board and watch some of our videos.