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Year 2 Planting Day

Thursday, 19 May 2016


E-Safety Activity 17.05.16

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Last week, we set the school an activity which was to watch your year group’s video about E-safety.

What choices did the characters make that made them unsafe? If you were that person what would you do differently to change the situation and not become a target?

Please add your comments below.

From the E-Safety Team


Amazed by books from 1953 in Year 2

Saturday, 12 March 2016


In Year 2, our topic is helping us to understand some of the British Values. We have been learning about Democracy. As part of this we have learnt about The Royal Family and the important job of the Prime Minister.

This week Mrs Salisbury brought in some books from her parent’s loft! They were very special and we had to be careful. It was amazing to look at books about The Crown Jewels, The Royal Family dating back to 1953.


The best bits of 2B this week

Friday, 27 November 2015

We have had another fantastic week in 2B. These are some of our favourite bits:

  • Dinosaur story writing.
  • Subtracting in maths – we are all improving!
  • Reading lots of different stories.
  • Great English learning.
  • Fantastic music with Mrs Pollard.
  • Brilliant singing in preparation for our Christmas play.
  • Activate – it’s getting harder but we can still do it!
  • Super handwriting.
  • Finding out what Ben the Broccoli has been up to over the weekend.

We could write even more but it’s nearly hometime! We will write again soon.

Being respectful online – E-Safety club discussion

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Today in our E-Safety officers meeting we thought it was important for our school to understand how to be respectful on the internet.

We would like each class to comment on this blog post answering the question what does respect online mean and how can we make sure we are always respectful?

You can read each other’s entries too.

Year 2

Friday, 20 November 2015

We are all feeling really proud of ourselves this week and ended the week with everyone feeling positive about how much we have progressed! We shared some of the things we have enjoyed and all agreed we have got better at:

  • Playing kindly together and looking out for those who are looking for someone to play with.
  • Understanding that it is ok to get something wrong and that is how we all learn. We talked about this in maths because at the beginning of the week our self-assessment was red and by the end of the week most of us were green which meant we felt more confident.
  • Including descriptive vocabulary in our writing. This week  we were trying hard to include adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

There were lots of other positive ideas and we will share these again.

Today we voted for what parts we are going to be in our Christmas performance of Born In a Barn. Everyone is getting very excited!

E-Safety Officers Update

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


St John’s E-Safety Officers meet every week to discuss important issues and make sure our whole school understands how to stay safe online. This week we are bringing you our top tips!


1. My top tip is to always not to give people your password  out and not tell people you phone number.


By Charlie,3T


2. My top tip is to remember ‘Before you click click click you need to think think think and tell someone.’


By Charlotte, 3T


3. My top tip is to always ask an adult and to think before you click. Never to speak to people you don’t know online


By Elisia Sellar 4P


4. My top for being safe on line is don’t read a messages if you don’t know the person. 


Ella Harness, 3CT


5. My top tip for staying safe online is to never meet up with someone or don’t give them your phone number or address.


By  Freddy miller, 4P


6. My top tip for staying safe online is to never ever trust someone that you have never met.


By Harry, 5E


7. My top tip is to never click on something if you don’t know what it is.


By Gianluca, 4L


8. My top tip is don’t talk to anyone online that you don’t know.


By Tabitha, 4L


Year 2 – Writing and art

Thursday, 15 October 2015

This week we have really enjoyed writing our own stories about the Minions going on an adventure to Kenilworth Castle! Miss Blower is really proud because we have taken pride, shown independence and persevered – these are some of our school learning words. Next week we will post some to share with you.

In art, Mrs Pollard showed us some sketching techniques and we sketched our own landscape picture of Kenilworth Castle using some of the pictures we took on our school trip. We will share some pictures soon!


4L: Trip to Hatton Locks

Thursday, 1 October 2015
Our trip to Hatton locks was great! There was lots of things to do. We especially liked looking in the narrow boats that were used long ago to move chemicals and coal around the country. The living area of the boat was both elegant and miniature which meant the families had very little space to live. They had a metal stove hiding beside the tiny entrance. On the other side of the it there was a extremely narrow bed – we couldn’t imagine how 5 or more people could have slept in it!
Whilst we were on the boat I asked all about the engine of the boat which was very interesting, and the man explained that before the engine was installed the boat would have been pulled by horses. When the narrow boat was in use toilets hadn’t been invented, so they had to go to the toilet in a bowl, and when it was full they threw it in the canal! We also liked trying to make the boat rock because it scared the other people in the cabin. Richard, one of the guides, told us how the captain would have to balance the cargo so the boat was level and did not tip.
Whilst at Hatton Locks we also learnt how to open and close the locks. On the trail, the leaders told us all about the locks and how dangerous the waters are. We found the trail very interesting. It was such a shame that we had to leave, we were very disappointed.
THANK YOU Hatton Locks we thoroughly enjoyed our trip!
Why not have a look at the pictures from our visit in the special events section of the school website.
By Zachary and Anita

Year 2 Learning

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

IMG_0082     IMG_0079

In Year 2, we have had a brilliant start to the year. The best thing so far has been our trip to Kenilworth Castle, our topic is ‘What would the Minions find Interesting about Kenilworth?’ so we have been researching some of the most interesting places in Kenilworth. We certainly think the Minions would love the castle! We explored the ruins, climbing to the top for beautiful views, went on a picture hunt around the gatehouse and even got to sit on a throne like a real King or Queen as well as dress up like some of the people who used to live in the castle!  This week we are looking forward to learning more geography, P.E as well as maths, check the blog at the end of the week to see what we have learnt.