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Reception collected our trees!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Thank you to reception who walked to Brook Farm to collect the school Christmas Tree. They also collected a tree for their classroom and one for the competition at St Nicholas church. The reception area smelt lovely.

Year 6 visit a Sikh Temple

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

On Wednesday 19 November Year six went to the Sikh temple. We all had an amazing time.  We tried a new food. Most of use liked it and it reminded me of shortbread. Written by Nicholas (Y6)

Chocolate factory at St John’s school

Monday, 17 November 2014

On Monday 17th November Year 6 turned the kitchen and hall into their own chocolate factory. From the moment they step through the class room door it was time to start planning and making their own chocolate. It took the whole day but they managed to do it. During the week before, year 6 spent lessons planning and packing ingredients and the materials that they were going to use to make their chocolate. It was sticky, it was tricky but in the end we managed to make high standard chocolate products. Groups took turns making their chocolate throughout the day.

KS2 had a talk about World War 1

Friday, 14 November 2014

Mr Cuthbertson talked about the trenches and how the German and English soldiers had the same idea that they would dig under each other’s trenches and blow them up. Most of the soldiers that were in the trenches were buried and sadly died there.

His job was to dig back the trenches and see what he could find. Sometimes he found the soldiers that got buried and left in the trenches. He said he was not scared when he found them he felt sorry for them that they had lost their life.

He also brought in some of the things he had found when he was digging. He brought in four different helmets and a rifle that still had its wood on.  He also had a rifle that had rotted away over the last 100 years and he brought in lots of other lovely things.

Written by Faith Brough 6ED

NEC skills show!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Our yr 5s and 6s were treated to a trip to the skills show! They thoroughly appreciated that the skills show demonstrates a variety of different career opportunities. Every single person there got to decide what area they would like to visit as each area produced a different activity related to the job opportunity for our future. Some of the children gave us their highlights and the area that they most enjoyed. The business: ‘I liked all the competitions that they displayed and I want to be have a business job as they told me what it takes; also I think it will improve my maths.’ Jack yr6 . The works: ‘It told me about the job and inspired me a lot’ Billy yr6. The Street: ` I liked the forensic science and seeing animals’ Noah yr5. The building: ` I had fun doing all the activity’s’ Toby yr6. The studio was also amazing. That’s all the highlights of the NEC Skills show!!

Year 6 Entered the Maths Challenge!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Four amazingly talented pupils from our fantastic school entered the young mathematician award 2014. They did extremely well but sadly didn’t get through to the second round as the schools that did, had done the extra assignment. Also the finals will be held at Cambridge University.  The winners will be presented with a grand prize which was not mentioned in the first round. The children that entered enjoyed the visit and played on the computers while the judges were listening to the other group’s presentation. The children that faced the challenge are Maddy Coleman, Eva Watkins, Ben Jackson and Alex Barnett from 6ED. They are extremely proud of themselves and they hope to see more these challenges like these again.   Written by Eva and Ben (Year 6).