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Mysterious, magical character in Key Stage 1

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Abdul Kazam

Keep visiting our blog to find out who this mysterious character is! In Key Stage 1 we are preparing for our new topic ‘All The Fun of The Fair’, everyone is getting excited about our new learning all about the circus, fairground and designing our own adventure playground.

Flopsy’s Unscheduled Visit

Thursday, 14 May 2015

On Tuesday at 8.45am, a fearless furry visitor was perched on Mrs Tennant’s resilient wooden desk. Everyone screamed and shouted in elation. It was a plump rabbit silently sitting in a white miniature cage with a flexible yellow tub on the bottom attached to the polished metal wiring to keep the large rabbit inside.

After three minutes time, Mrs Tennant sharply commanded everyone to calm down and sit on the colossal rug. Amongst Mrs Tennant’s frictionless desk there was a piece of paper. Everyone went silent as if they had a zip on their chatting mouths.  Attentively, everyone listened when Mrs Tennant excitingly read the rather short but exciting letter.

Eagerly, we all burst through the strong door into 3T and spotted a plump rabbit lying on our shiny table. We all slowly crept up to the ginormous rabbit. We all fed it some green, juicy lettuce and half of us poked our skinny fingers through the flexible cage and stroked the large rabbit.

Beside the rabbit there was as an unnoticed piece of lettuce that we were patiently waiting for her to eat. Amongst Miss Taylor’s thick desk there was a letter mentioning:

“Hello my name is Flopsy. I came to curiously question if you could help me rapidly get attention like a bolt of bright dazzling yellow lightning.”

So, we quickly ran to our glamorous tables with tons of elation.

Next day, we excitedly burst into school and saw the rabbit had vanished . We were devastated but what made us slightly less devastated was a letter saying

“Sorry I had to leave but on my way home I spotted a fierce fox loudly sleeping on the colossal field which made me terrified.”

Zachary – 3T

The Unexpected Visitor

Thursday, 14 May 2015

On Tuesday, I wandered off into my maths group and I saw an unexpected visitor resting on Mrs Tennant’s solid desk in a cage. When I had a better view of the furry animal I realised that it was a bunny. I had no idea what its name was and I thought about Flopsy the bunny from Beatrix Potter stories.

After playtime I rushed to my crowded classroom and I told all of my friends. But everybody knew about Flopsy and they kept on saying “I know, I know.” Then we started to do lots of relaxing literacy.

Earlier on I had no idea that Flopsy was put on our table in our classroom. Then after lunch we walked into the classroom and we could not believe our eyes because Flopsy was resting on the table. Then we sat down to do the register and then we got in a circle and had a discussion about some objects that Flopsy brought along with her on her visit. When it was guided reading, James the caretaker of the school took her out of the classroom. We were all really sad but we calmed down and got on with guided reading. After guided reading we got all of our stuff and went home.

Elliott- 3T

An Unscheduled Visit

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Early in the morning on Tuesday 5th May 2015, a furry visitor had been sat on the resilient desk in 3CT. Before Miss Tennant’s eyes there was an intelligent little rabbit. It was in an iron cage pretending to be on the computer. This all happened in the afternoon. Everyone was delighted to see on the table a big ball of fluff. She brought a letter saying:

“Hello, my name is Flopsy. I was so annoyed because everyone was reading about Peter Rabbit my brother. I want you to read my story! Lots of thanks, Flopsy.”

Miss Taylor was confused. We started our lesson and Flopsy’s ears were pricked up. When she looked up at me I looked at Flopsy. The hairy animal looked ecstatic!


By Pheonix Year 3T

Year 2 Country Dancing

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

It’s getting exciting in the school hall! Year 2 are learning some fantastic dance routines. They are getting ready for a big performance at Kenilworth Castle.

They are looking really professional already! Keep watching our blog to find out more soon!