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3T’s learning this week

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

In 3T we have been very busy adding lots of information writing to our classroom display on volcanoes. To help showcase all our learning on natural disasters, we worked well as a team to create a huge volcano for the background of our display which was fun!

To help us in our understanding of fossils and rocks and their properties, we were also lucky enough to have a visitor from the Geological Society. Our visitor taught us all about different rocks and their uses. We completed different sorting activities to sort a variety of rocks according to their different properties and we also tested whether certain rocks were permeable or impermeable. It was a very interesting afternoon of learning!

Year 2 Learning

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

IMG_0082     IMG_0079

In Year 2, we have had a brilliant start to the year. The best thing so far has been our trip to Kenilworth Castle, our topic is ‘What would the Minions find Interesting about Kenilworth?’ so we have been researching some of the most interesting places in Kenilworth. We certainly think the Minions would love the castle! We explored the ruins, climbing to the top for beautiful views, went on a picture hunt around the gatehouse and even got to sit on a throne like a real King or Queen as well as dress up like some of the people who used to live in the castle!  This week we are looking forward to learning more geography, P.E as well as maths, check the blog at the end of the week to see what we have learnt.


Reception- week 3

Monday, 21 September 2015

Last week in Reception we read the story of Rainbow Fish and discussed what makes a good friend. The children came up with some great answers during our class circle time, for example, kind, sharing, playing nicely, listening. In Maths we went on a number hunt to look for numbers around the school environment, we saw lots of numbers everywhere: clocks, computer keyboards, sand timers, classroom doors and the lunch hall amongst others.

RF and RG also won the attendance owl in this weeks celebration assembly.

Keep up the good work Reception!

Mrs Fenner and Miss Gill

3CT…things we’ve learnt this week.

Friday, 18 September 2015

This week we have finished off the story of The Iron Man, the ending was amazing and also dramatic. We have made models of the Iron Man out of tin foil.

We have also conducted a science experiment. We had to put a bag on a pole and place things in the bag until the bag broke. We tested three different bags to check which was the strongest and which could hold the most weight. We found out that M&S bags could hold over 2.5KG and 33 dictionaries before the bag broke.

We enjoyed PE because it was fun, we practised balancing and performing.

In computing, we created our own self portraits and wrote facts about ourselves around it, on Splosh. We found it the most enjoyable lesson this week!