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This week in 5E

Friday, 27 November 2015

This week 5E have been celebrating Thanksgiving as part of our RMSC topic!

In small group we chose recipes that were typical of thanksgiving food and cooked them on Thursday and Friday. We then had a thanksgiving party on Friday afternoon and ate A LOT of food. I think you can tell from the pictures just how yummy the food was!

We’ve also been working really hard on our writing this week and created some beautiful descriptions about some Star Wars planets and what they looked like. We paid particular attention to the landscapes and imagined what things like canyons would look like and how it might have felt to have been there.

Furthermore, class 5 are really looking forward to the KS2 Christmas play. We have been singing the songs on repeat and all the parts have been distributed. The big day will come soon enough so it’s really important that we get learning!


IMG_0253 IMG_0255 IMG_0256 IMG_0257

Reception – week 11

Friday, 27 November 2015

This week in Reception we have been reading the story of Stickman. We read through the story and spoke about the different locations he went to, we then created our own story map to sequence the story. We wrote about our family ‘We are the Reception family, we are bound together you and me, we are all part of the family tree’  and then drew a picture of our family members.

In Maths we have been learning about addition and adding two single digit numbers together. The children were able to use objects to support them when finding the total for their number sentences.

This week we have also started practising for our Christmas Nativity ‘A Wriggley Nativity’, we are having lots of fun in rehersals and are enjoying learning all the songs.

Mrs Fenner and Miss Gill

The best bits of 2B this week

Friday, 27 November 2015

We have had another fantastic week in 2B. These are some of our favourite bits:

  • Dinosaur story writing.
  • Subtracting in maths – we are all improving!
  • Reading lots of different stories.
  • Great English learning.
  • Fantastic music with Mrs Pollard.
  • Brilliant singing in preparation for our Christmas play.
  • Activate – it’s getting harder but we can still do it!
  • Super handwriting.
  • Finding out what Ben the Broccoli has been up to over the weekend.

We could write even more but it’s nearly hometime! We will write again soon.

Year6 Reflection Event

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


I am so glad that Year 6 persuaded me that they could organise 6 different 3 course meals for a healthy heart in just 4 days. They had to exhibit excellent teamwork, organisational skills, planning, persuasion (for the ingredients) patience and very high level cooking skills. Don’t just take my word for it – look at what the children have said.

Today we have been cooking! My group – Alivia, William, Jack, Oliver and I have made: chicken tortilla wraps for the starter; breakfast muffin pizzas for the main and an apple crumble for the dessert. For the starter, we included tortilla wraps, chicken, lettuce and green and yellow peppers. For the main, we used breakfast muffins, tomato puree, red peppers and mushrooms. For the dessert, we used apples, flour, oats and sugar. Overall, I think that our cooking has been really successful and I can’t wait for tomorrow, when a relative comes to see what we have created. (Thea)

Today we were cooking curry and tomato soup and we were preparing fruit salad. Some of the tomato soup did get stuck to the bottom of the pan, but Mrs Hoare managed to save the day!!! (Jenny)

Today my group and I are going to make a delicious, luxurious starter, main and dessert which is crunchy chicken Caesar salad then for the main is mouth-watering tacos and for the dessert we are baking lovely lemon muffins. The ingredients you need for the starter are lettuce, olive oil, croutons but if you don`t have any then you can get a few slices of bread and cut them in the shape of a cube and then fry them until they go crusty, then take them out then you have made your croutons. You will also need mayo, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce and Djion mustard. (Avneet)


I was really proud of you Year6, as you served our visitors and shared the feast with them. Thank you too to all the children who acted as tour guides, presenters, event managers and entertainers.


Here is what one happy visitor emailed, ‘Many thanks to you and to the class for the very pleasant tea and reflection opportunity – well worth the cycle ride from Warwick.

I was particularly impressed with the two Reece’s.


Reece 1 seemed to be entering into the spirit of a host at a party very thoroughly and with considerable verve…


The other Rhys spoke very well about the circulation system and the river. He clearly knew his stuff and presented it almost without notes – he has a future there. He spoke, to my mind better than the Head Boy did at Kenilworth School when we attended the open evening the other day.


I also liked the curry that they made.’

Year 6 playleaders

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Over the past half term, Year 6 have really embraced their responsibilities. Some of the children have been blogging about their experiences as play-leaders.

Playleaders is getting better each time; my niece Ava helps me look after the other kids and we help them make new friends. We help the teachers look after the KS1 children. Me and the other Playleaders make new games and let the children share their ideas and let them also help us run the games. We help them find children from the other KS1 year groups to play with so they mix up and make new friends. Playleaders are trying to help the children to solve their problems and make good choices like, not to hurt other children and to say sorry when you make a mistake. We all hope we can improve Playleaders. (Angel)

Well the playleaders have improved since the start of the year, because then there were only me, Emma and Angel, now there are many more of us and the Junior Leadership group say that children want more. Also a couple of weeks ago, we got the hats. Actually being a playleader was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in my life. (Jack)

I’m a playleader today and I enjoy it most of the time. I like playing with my younger sister Phoebe who’s in year 2 and her friends. I like making games for everyone to play and I include everyone. It’s fun playing with the younger children because they look up to you. (Leiylah)

As a playleader, me and my friend Anna have been playing with the younger kids on a Monday lunchtime. Sometimes they can be very disrespectful and rather annoying but generally they are, in my words, adorable. They try and take our hats which is very irritating. (Ella)

Finally some sound advice from Evie

Looks like Anna and you are good friends and you enjoy playleaders.  It doesn’t really matter if the younger ones steal your hats because they are only little. All what you can say is DON,T do that, I don’t like it!


If your child has a login, take the opportunity to check out all our blogs.


Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Today, at an amazing primary school in Kenilworth 6 rare newts were found as Year 6 undertook some community gardening. Eye witness responses ranged from ‘slimy’ to ‘cute’! Banana slugs were also discovered.

One keen pupil, Luke aged 10, said “I really loved the gardening because we found six newts and I haven’t seen a newt but now I have seen one I would love to do gardening again!”


What will those keen students find next?

Severn Trent Visitor

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

To Seven Trent,

Thank you for coming in to show us how you clean your water; I learnt a lot, because I thought cleaning water was done by a machine! From now on I will tell my mum to have a two minute shower, not an hour shower, and I will buy one of the shower timers. Thank you for cleaning our water, from Jenny.

Did you know there is something called poo power!!!! And if u leave a sprinkler on for an hour you can waste 250 litres of water! Did you know in water at Severn Trent reservoirs, stronger swimmers are likely to drown? Our visitor told us a lot about water and how we cannot waste so much.  One would be to put the plug hole in the sink while brushing your teeth which I have done. (By Mishaal, Avneet and Hailey)

Thank You Severn Trent Water for coming into our class 6B and teaching us so many fascinating facts about how water is used in many different ways and poo power. Thank You very much Severn Trent Water! (William)

Festival of Imagination at Warwick University

Tuesday, 24 November 2015


​Last week on Friday half of year 6 went on a trip to Warwick University for a science trip to see different experiments. My favourite one was the dry ice experiment. What the man did was he had a bucket full of dry ice and blew up some balloons then he put about 5 balloons in the small bucket and managed to fit all of them in. It was really clever.  We learned about gravity, planets and water below -200 degrees.

This trip was one of the best trips ever! There was 3D printing and generating electricity by riding a bike! We saw a formula one car with carrots on it and we were able to make a plastic car with a pen! I found out how pumps pump water into a water wheel and how it generates electricity. I spotted the scientist who came to school last year! I liked the computer because you could make different trees using this app called Sketchup.

There was a camera which made a spinning model slower showing a balloon.  A man made a parcel out of it and then a girl made a bird which flew to a tree at the top of the model then it restarted and continued over and over again. It was awesome and​ that was probably my third favourite bit!

The university was … well there’s no words to describe it. It made me think about my future and what I want to be.

By Ewan, William, Hailey,  Mishaal, James and Avneet.


On our return, Mr Barrow received this lovely email…


Dear Mr Barrow

I just wanted to send you an email to say what a lovely day I have had, being your year 6 children’s guide, at the Festival of the Imagination.
They were so well behaved and very polite, such a pleasure to spend time with.
I hope they all had a great time and enjoyed their experiences.

With best wishes

Emma Woods x
(PGCE student festival guide)

Year 6 are ready to blog at last!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

What a half term!  So much learning and a super community event to celebrate at the end. Here are just some of the inspiring comments that Year 6 have shared about their learning on our class blogs.

‘This term I have improved a lot in my times tables and I am now in Polar regions doing my easy twelves. Hopefully, I will keep up the hard work that I’m trying to do this year.’ (Avneet)

‘At St John’s my learning is going very well. I am improving in maths and I am now in Australasia!!! And I’m going to keep on working hard.’ (Mishaal)

‘This term, we have been doing a lot of science on the human body. We have mostly been learning about the circulatory system and the digestive system. We wrote up a report on them both, and some people did the respiratory system too. Some of us wrote biographies on Galen and William Harvey both pioneers in medicine.’ (Thea)

‘We are reading a book called Floodlands by Marcus Sedgewick and the book is amazing. I really want to get it.’ (Jenny)

‘Today we have been working on our stuff for the reflection day on Thursday.’ (James)

‘We have been recently working on our circulatory dance which is great fun!’ (Leiylah)

‘Last week we made mini water cycles to go on our windows because we wanted to see if we can see Condensation, Evaporation, Run Off and Transpiration. We drew mountains, sun, rain, hail, snow and water to show that it’s changing. We filled them up with water to see if the water did anything.’ (Louis)

‘Around the school I’ve seen people having friendship issues and I’ve helped some.’ (Luca)

‘Gardening was fun!’ (Evie)

Sophie is already looking to the future, “I can’t wait to go to secondary school and complete it so I can become a vet, but I will miss primary school. I will play the violin like Vivaldi. We have been listening to music by Vivaldi.  Do you like it or not?”

Finally Angel, has a super suggestion for next term! ‘Maybe we can have a day when all the children are the teachers and the teachers have to be the children.’

Being respectful online – E-Safety club discussion

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Today in our E-Safety officers meeting we thought it was important for our school to understand how to be respectful on the internet.

We would like each class to comment on this blog post answering the question what does respect online mean and how can we make sure we are always respectful?

You can read each other’s entries too.