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3T Art Afternoon

Thursday, 24 November 2016

On Wednesday afternoon Mr Barrow came in to do some art with us. We had three pieces of art to choose from:

Victorian silhouettesIMG_0951 IMG_0952

Victorian beach scenes

And the challenge, the jack in a box.

We had to draw an outline for the silhouettes and then we had to cut it out very carefully. Then we stuck it onto card and cut it out again, we turned it around and stuck it onto a frame.

Mr Barrow gave us instructions for only two activities, that’s why the jack in a box was a challenge. Because of the pastels for the beach scene we made a big mess so we had a big tidy up.

We  really enjoyed the beach scene pictures with pastels because we made a colossal mess.


Virtual Reality and Drones

Friday, 18 November 2016

Technology has captivated and inspired us all at St. John’s over the last week. Year 3 and Year 6 became drone coders: manipulating, programming and debugging algorithms to make land and air drones perform a series of challenges and tricks. KS2 were engrossed by the immersive environment of virtual reality, going on a series of 360 degree expeditions to the seven wonders of the world, the heart, the ear, global volcanos and even space!

IMG_1008 IMG_1045



Class 2T

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

This week we have been learning about Antarctica. We have written setting descriptions. We listened to sounds of Antarctica, we felt some freezing water and looked at lots of different pictures. We even watched a short video showing us the penguins and seals in Antarctica.

This afternoon we have been learning some songs and games in our workshop from the Singing Playgrounds. We really enjoyed  it and want to carry on singing these songs in the playground and at home.

IMG_0270 IMG_0282

Year 5 w/c 31/10/2016

Friday, 4 November 2016

IMG_0267 IMG_0270 IMG_0273 IMG_0275This week in year 5, we have been tasting different types of American food! We especially liked Cream Soda and doughnuts, but we also tried some American cheese and some Southern fried chicken.  We have also been looking at Pop Art; we created some images of some of our favourite objects and made them bright and colourful. We are really looking forward to our trip to the National Space Centre next week!

Back to school

Thursday, 3 November 2016

On Monday morning we did some very hard maths [subtracting]. On the board there was a few columns that we could choose:

recap , blue

medium , green

hard , orange

harder , red

challenge , yellow

We had to check our subtraction by doing the inverse[ opposite of which type of maths your doing]. In the afternoon we met Jino the jigsaw and we did some PSHE . Then we started making the front cover of our topic books. We had a Victorian toys sheet and we had to colour in the toys. then we cut it out. We had to be careful which colours we used because in the Victorian times they didn’t have really bright colours like Sky blue, Lime green or purple.

We also got chance to share our Victorian Toys homework with others in the class, which was good because we all learnt lots of new facts. We found out they played with spinning tops, Thormatropes, marbles, dolls house and cup and ball also outside they played hopscotch, catch and tig. The balls for catch were sometimes made out of old rags.

We are excited about learning more  about the Victorians