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5C’s Math Work

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

This week in 5C, we have been doing some tricky maths work.

First, we looked at doing hard multiplication problems using partitioning. Some of them were tricky, such as 23×8, and we  even 3-digit problems, like 352×7! But we all figured them out in the end.

After break, we took a look at square numbers. We found out they were the product of a number multiplied by itself. We found square numbersw up to 144, but then it got tricky, as in  the end we were doing 18 squared minus 17 squared! 

Matthew Jones, 5C
<-Square numbers on a multiplication grid







This half term in 3b

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

We have been learning about forces and magnets in science.  For our sparkly start we played with some magnets and forces and did some experiments to see what would happen. We managed to figure out that the red and blue sides of the magnets stick together.  Also, we used different forces to make some cotton wool move, without actually touching it!

In knowledge and understanding we have been learning about the Victorians.  For our sparkly start, we played with some victorian toys, such as ludo and tiddlywinks, it was really fun! It has been a really good start to this half term, we can’t wait to learn more!


5C’s Class Assembly and Chocolate Factory Experience

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Before the half-term holidays, 5C have had a very busy week. We had our class assembly, AND we went to Cadbury’s World in Birmingham!

Class Assembly: Our class assembly was all about Chocolate and the Maya. It followed a quiz show called ‘Are you smater than a 9 Year Old?‘ and featured funny roleplays. We all enjoyed it, and so did the parents!

Cadbury’s World: The day after our class assembly, we went to Cadbury’s world. First we had a prep talk about the Cadbury’s chocolate, cocoa and the Maya. We then followed lots of expeditions throughout the factory. It  was amazing!

Matthew Jones, 5C