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Year 2 Dinosaur Detectives

Monday, 26 February 2018

Year 2 pupils had a shock this morning when we came back to school from the holidays and found … a giant, green egg in our classroom! We looked closely at the egg and decided it must be from a dinosaur because of the size and colour of it. We became dinosaur detectives and discussed what our thoughts were about where the egg came from, why it is here and what will happen to it. We can’t wait to find out lots more information about dinosaurs this half term.

Year 5 focus artist Beatriz Milhazes

Friday, 23 February 2018

This half term in year 5 we have been inspired by the upbeat artwork of Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes. Beatriz Milhazes is well known for her vibrantly colourful, kaleidoscopic collages, prints, paintings and installations which draw on  Brazilian culture, ceramics, lacework, carnival decoration, music, and architecture. We first created an ‘energetic’ background of

different lines using chalk and oil pastels. Then we had great fun experimenting by cutting  geometrical shapes out of a variety of materials and placing them on the background to create a lively piece with a strong composition. We were particularly inspired by Beatriz’s celebration of different cultures and her ‘free’ approach to art where  imperfections are celebrated. As Milhazes explains, “I am seeking geometrical structures, but with freedom of form and imagery taken from different worlds.”

4T’s fabulous finish

Friday, 23 February 2018

In 4T we were all very sad that our China topic had come to an end as we have really enjoyed learning about this fascinating nation. We decided to end the topic with a bang and invited all our parents for a reflection event celebrating Chinese New Year. During the event, we were delighted to show off all of the fantastic learning we had taken part in. This included our salt dough models of China’s physical geography, our dragon themed diamante poems, music and non-chronological reports. Perhaps the most exciting part of our fabulous finish was being able to taste the Chinese egg-fried rice creations we had been preparing in the school kitchen all morning. Scrumptious!

The art station at our fabulous finish event allowed us to teach our visitors the new  techniques we have learnt this half term. We were delighted  to introduce our guests to our focus artist Katsushika Hokusai. We taught visitors how to make collagraph prints inspired by Hokusai’s The Great Wave print. For collagraphy you need a ‘plate’ made from wood or cardboard, a roller, a special block printing ink and cartridge paper which is thicker to hold the weight of ink. The prints are really effective!

5C’s Safer Internet Day Experience!

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Yesterday, in 5C, we had Safer Internet day. After Assembly, we completed this quiz of what to do when you get an unknown email. After that, we acted out three different plays. They included upsetting somebody using an embarrasing picture, leaving someone out of a group, and saying a mean thing that wasn’t supposed to be mean.

After lunch, we were given some Jigsaw peices, and had to draw something on them, for example, Stop Cyberbullying! and Be Kind Online!.

We all enjoyed Internet Safer Day.

Safer Internet Day!

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Today is Safer Internet Day! All around the world, children have been learning about how to stay safe online. At St John’s, we spent the day completing several activities that have helped us understanding how to be safer and more respectful online.  For example, we created jigsaw pieces with a personal pledge about how we will make the internet a better place and role played some online safety. We also spent some time in the ‘online safety hub’ (the repurposed library for the day), where there was a diary room set up for us to answer questions about respect online. Overall, it was a very enjoyable and interesting day! Look out for some pictures and videos through our twitter account!

3B’s Volcano poems

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

In English we have been writing shape poems all about volcanoes. On Monday we wrote a plan with all of our ideas and today we wrote our own shape poem. We tried to use similes and geographical language in our writing. We all had lots of fun writing our poems and read them out to the class at the end of the lesson.