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5C’s Trip to the Space Centre!

Before the half-term holidays, 5C and 5S went to the Leicester Space Centre. It was a truly amazing experience!

At first, we went to this area about stars. It showed how they were made and how the death of a star happens, as well as different types of stars. We learnt a lot here and filled in some pages of a booklet we were given at the start of the day.

Next, before lunch, we came into this massive room with lots of different things. There were planets as baked bean cans (Mercury was the lightest and Jupiter was the heaviest. There was this ladder that seemed to twist (it represented DNA). There were three TVs (displaying the same show) about flying on an airplane. There were lots more as well.

After lunch, we went up into the Rocket Tower, which was 42m in height. It included lots of things about space, too, such as a spacecraft simulator, a spacecraft driver (with a joystick and throttle) and more.

Finally, to end the visit, we went into this large room with a circular roof, displaying a 3D show called ‘We are Stars!’. It revealed many mysteries of the Universe, such as how it was created, how the first atom was made, and how stars were created.

We really enjoyed this visit to the Space Centre and hope to come back again at some point.

Matthew Jones, 5C

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