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NEC skills show!

Our yr 5s and 6s were treated to a trip to the skills show! They thoroughly appreciated that the skills show demonstrates a variety of different career opportunities. Every single person there got to decide what area they would like to visit as each area produced a different activity related to the job opportunity for our future. Some of the children gave us their highlights and the area that they most enjoyed. The business: ‘I liked all the competitions that they displayed and I want to be have a business job as they told me what it takes; also I think it will improve my maths.’ Jack yr6 . The works: ‘It told me about the job and inspired me a lot’ Billy yr6. The Street: ` I liked the forensic science and seeing animals’ Noah yr5. The building: ` I had fun doing all the activity’s’ Toby yr6. The studio was also amazing. That’s all the highlights of the NEC Skills show!!

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