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What a well deserved thank you letter!

On Wednesday 21st January 2015 Yr6EB went to a Methodist church in Kenilworth. They sang their hearts out. I was there too, it was amazing. The songs we sang were: Mama Mia, 2 Joseph songs, Hey Mr. Miller, Thank you for the music and Fantasy Football Team!

After a long sing we had some refreshments, cookies and some squash. We sang one more for the goodbye. There where more than 30 elderly there, it was amazing to be part of and sing there.

We had a Thank you letter from Anne hill.


Written By Eddie Harness

2 Responses to “What a well deserved thank you letter!”

  1. Mr Barrow says:

    The thank you letter was lovely. I was very proud to receive it. Well done Year 6!

  2. Eddie Harness says:

    thank u too

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