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New York in trouble!

In Key Stage 2 all of the children have their own journals. Each week we will put up an example of one of the exciting entries. You never know, you might find out some secrets about the teachers, shhhh!

Journal entry

New York in trouble!

By Jack Timoney-6EB

Today I am so excited because it’s the first day of school but I have to cover up that I have superpowers! At school I am in year 2BC and I have to wear special gloves so that all of my powers don’t take control of me. When I am at home I have to stay in my own room so I don’t hurt my brother, Luca and my sister, Kate. It is quite annoying because I am putting them at risk, badly.

The next day my dad said “In New York there is trouble and we have to help save it!”

Can you believe it?

So off we flew in our private jet, to New York. When we were on the jet I found out that Luca and Kate have powers but there not as advanced as mine.

We had landed after a seventeen hour flight and didn’t see the teleport button until we landed!

It was chaos when we got to the center of New York. All the windows were smashed and they were wrecked. Then brainiac appeared from nowhere; it made everything even worse!

“Yes that’s right earthling, scream!” Brainiac screamed in a weak voice. ”You will be mine.”

“We have to stop him!” I said in a powerful voice. They combined their power to stop the evil brainiac.

Did it work?


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  1. Jack timoney says:

    Great story jack it was very good. I like how you left it on a cliff-hanger

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