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Year 5 graffiti

In year 5 we have been reading the book Scribble Boy because our topic is graffiti so we decided it would be a great idea to make small stop motion movies to do with Scribble Boy. Most of the class were using Lego and some people used play dough. We used Zu3 stop motion on the laptop and connected little cameras so we could record the Lego or play dough. Then after we had done the stop Motion we printed it out and made little comic strips with the pictures we got that printed out.

By Daisie Deeley, 5B

4 Responses to “Year 5 graffiti”

  1. Lucy Morris says:

    They are very impressive!

  2. Jack timoney says:

    this seems very fun I wish I could do it too!

  3. jack bradbury says:

    we have done more stuff about banksy

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