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Quiz Club!

Quiz Club!

Hello I’m Eddie I’ve started a new club called quiz club. If you want to join comment below and you might have a chance to. I will be hosting it with some of my friends helping me!

It is on Tuesdays in the games room, well Mrs. Tennant’s room and its going to be AMAZING! Tell me at lunch or break if you want to if you can’t comment.

The winner is every 4 weeks and certificates will be handed out to excellent quizzers. Only a maximum of 10 – 12 people thank you for reading goodbyeeeee!

Eddie Harness YR. 6EB   

7 Responses to “Quiz Club!”

  1. Eddie Harness says:

    Amazing I hope i’m first XD good luck!

  2. Eddie Harness says:

    This is amazing hope you guys have fun!

  3. Ellie f says:

    If u don’t have anyone ill be happy to do it

  4. Ellie f says:

    its just because ive got to do play leaders

  5. Ellie f says:

    What kind of quizzes are they

  6. Mr Barrow says:

    Perhaps you could do an announcement in my assembly on Monday?

  7. Eddie Harness says:

    thanks Mr. Barrow but its too late anyway thanks oh and ok Ellie

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