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Fundraiser for Evie

Through the week the school has been doing lots of fun activities like school bake offs and red nose day and lots more fun.

At the school bake-off most teachers had to make a Victoria sponge cake for red nose day. The teachers got a little bit silly and put icing all over each other but at least made the children laugh.

Also the school is starting a fundraiser for Evie Broom in year 5. We are raising money to help her go to therapy for her arm.  On Wednesday year 5 is doing a project at home to practise, then explain how to do it on Wednesday  from 2pm and we are hoping for some parents to arrive at the  class so they can explain their project and can show how they did it and what it does.

By Daisie

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  1. Mrs Benarous says:

    Thank you Daisie for reminding 5B. Lots for us to remember: practise your experiments for our celebration of science and get baking!

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