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An Unscheduled Visit

Early in the morning on Tuesday 5th May 2015, a furry visitor had been sat on the resilient desk in 3CT. Before Miss Tennant’s eyes there was an intelligent little rabbit. It was in an iron cage pretending to be on the computer. This all happened in the afternoon. Everyone was delighted to see on the table a big ball of fluff. She brought a letter saying:

“Hello, my name is Flopsy. I was so annoyed because everyone was reading about Peter Rabbit my brother. I want you to read my story! Lots of thanks, Flopsy.”

Miss Taylor was confused. We started our lesson and Flopsy’s ears were pricked up. When she looked up at me I looked at Flopsy. The hairy animal looked ecstatic!


By Pheonix Year 3T

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  1. Miss Blower says:

    What a fantastic surprise! I must admit I was shocked too when I saw Flopsy sat in your classroom!

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