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The Unexpected Visitor

On Tuesday, I wandered off into my maths group and I saw an unexpected visitor resting on Mrs Tennant’s solid desk in a cage. When I had a better view of the furry animal I realised that it was a bunny. I had no idea what its name was and I thought about Flopsy the bunny from Beatrix Potter stories.

After playtime I rushed to my crowded classroom and I told all of my friends. But everybody knew about Flopsy and they kept on saying “I know, I know.” Then we started to do lots of relaxing literacy.

Earlier on I had no idea that Flopsy was put on our table in our classroom. Then after lunch we walked into the classroom and we could not believe our eyes because Flopsy was resting on the table. Then we sat down to do the register and then we got in a circle and had a discussion about some objects that Flopsy brought along with her on her visit. When it was guided reading, James the caretaker of the school took her out of the classroom. We were all really sad but we calmed down and got on with guided reading. After guided reading we got all of our stuff and went home.

Elliott- 3T

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  1. Miss Blower says:

    Elliott, I am so impressed with your writing. It feels like I was really there when it all happened! I hope Flopsy returns so I can meet her properly.

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