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Flopsy’s Unscheduled Visit

On Tuesday at 8.45am, a fearless furry visitor was perched on Mrs Tennant’s resilient wooden desk. Everyone screamed and shouted in elation. It was a plump rabbit silently sitting in a white miniature cage with a flexible yellow tub on the bottom attached to the polished metal wiring to keep the large rabbit inside.

After three minutes time, Mrs Tennant sharply commanded everyone to calm down and sit on the colossal rug. Amongst Mrs Tennant’s frictionless desk there was a piece of paper. Everyone went silent as if they had a zip on their chatting mouths.  Attentively, everyone listened when Mrs Tennant excitingly read the rather short but exciting letter.

Eagerly, we all burst through the strong door into 3T and spotted a plump rabbit lying on our shiny table. We all slowly crept up to the ginormous rabbit. We all fed it some green, juicy lettuce and half of us poked our skinny fingers through the flexible cage and stroked the large rabbit.

Beside the rabbit there was as an unnoticed piece of lettuce that we were patiently waiting for her to eat. Amongst Miss Taylor’s thick desk there was a letter mentioning:

“Hello my name is Flopsy. I came to curiously question if you could help me rapidly get attention like a bolt of bright dazzling yellow lightning.”

So, we quickly ran to our glamorous tables with tons of elation.

Next day, we excitedly burst into school and saw the rabbit had vanished . We were devastated but what made us slightly less devastated was a letter saying

“Sorry I had to leave but on my way home I spotted a fierce fox loudly sleeping on the colossal field which made me terrified.”

Zachary – 3T

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  1. Miss Blower says:

    What a very detailed recount, Zachary! An amazing surprise for Year 3. I loved joining your class to see you writing all about it.

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