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3CT…things we’ve learnt this week.

This week we have finished off the story of The Iron Man, the ending was amazing and also dramatic. We have made models of the Iron Man out of tin foil.

We have also conducted a science experiment. We had to put a bag on a pole and place things in the bag until the bag broke. We tested three different bags to check which was the strongest and which could hold the most weight. We found out that M&S bags could hold over 2.5KG and 33 dictionaries before the bag broke.

We enjoyed PE because it was fun, we practised balancing and performing.

In computing, we created our own self portraits and wrote facts about ourselves around it, on Splosh. We found it the most enjoyable lesson this week!


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  1. Miss Blower says:

    Sounds like you have been doing some brilliant learning in 3CT, it’s great to read all about it! I think I will go and stock up on M&S bags to carry all of my school books.

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