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4L: Trip to Hatton Locks

Our trip to Hatton locks was great! There was lots of things to do. We especially liked looking in the narrow boats that were used long ago to move chemicals and coal around the country. The living area of the boat was both elegant and miniature which meant the families had very little space to live. They had a metal stove hiding beside the tiny entrance. On the other side of the it there was a extremely narrow bed – we couldn’t imagine how 5 or more people could have slept in it!
Whilst we were on the boat I asked all about the engine of the boat which was very interesting, and the man explained that before the engine was installed the boat would have been pulled by horses. When the narrow boat was in use toilets hadn’t been invented, so they had to go to the toilet in a bowl, and when it was full they threw it in the canal! We also liked trying to make the boat rock because it scared the other people in the cabin. Richard, one of the guides, told us how the captain would have to balance the cargo so the boat was level and did not tip.
Whilst at Hatton Locks we also learnt how to open and close the locks. On the trail, the leaders told us all about the locks and how dangerous the waters are. We found the trail very interesting. It was such a shame that we had to leave, we were very disappointed.
THANK YOU Hatton Locks we thoroughly enjoyed our trip!
Why not have a look at the pictures from our visit in the special events section of the school website.
By Zachary and Anita

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