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5E’s Week

This week 5E have been reading and exploring the famous Anglo-Saxon epic poem, Beowulf. We couldn’t believe that a poem could be so long! We have been working on our alliteration this week to help us when we create our class epic poem next week.

In science we completed our crime scene investigation. Silly Miss Eggleton spilt salt all over the floor and we needed to find out how we could get rid of the evidence- quick! We found that salt dissolves and so used water to get rid of it… thank goodness. We were curious as to whether it evaporates though, so we have an ongoing investigation taking place in the classroom.

We have also started the design for our Anglo-Saxon brooches this week in preparation for modelling them next week. We used the picture below as inspiration making sure that our design was symmetrical. We look forward to showing you the finished product next week!



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