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Reception – week 6

This half term in Reception our topic has been ‘Up, up and away’ and we have been learning about space, transport and superheroes. This week in Reception we looked at real-life superheroes such as, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Doctors and Nurses. The children really enjoyed joining in at carpet time and discussing these occupations, as well as dressing up as doctors and using the fire engine and small world people in their role-play.

In Maths we looked at 3D shapes and their properties. The children went on a 3D shape hunt around school and outside, they found lots of shapes and were able to use the correct names. Here are some of the things we found:

water bottle- cylinder

Lunch box- cuboid

Fire alarm- cube

traffic cone- cone

In cooking this week we made Chocolate Space Balls. The children noticed that the space balls were a sphere shape.

Well done Reception! Keep up the good work.

Mrs Fenner and Miss Gill



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