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E-Safety Officers Update


St John’s E-Safety Officers meet every week to discuss important issues and make sure our whole school understands how to stay safe online. This week we are bringing you our top tips!


1. My top tip is to always not to give people your password  out and not tell people you phone number.


By Charlie,3T


2. My top tip is to remember ‘Before you click click click you need to think think think and tell someone.’


By Charlotte, 3T


3. My top tip is to always ask an adult and to think before you click. Never to speak to people you don’t know online


By Elisia Sellar 4P


4. My top for being safe on line is don’t read a messages if you don’t know the person. 


Ella Harness, 3CT


5. My top tip for staying safe online is to never meet up with someone or don’t give them your phone number or address.


By  Freddy miller, 4P


6. My top tip for staying safe online is to never ever trust someone that you have never met.


By Harry, 5E


7. My top tip is to never click on something if you don’t know what it is.


By Gianluca, 4L


8. My top tip is don’t talk to anyone online that you don’t know.


By Tabitha, 4L


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