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Year 2

We are all feeling really proud of ourselves this week and ended the week with everyone feeling positive about how much we have progressed! We shared some of the things we have enjoyed and all agreed we have got better at:

  • Playing kindly together and looking out for those who are looking for someone to play with.
  • Understanding that it is ok to get something wrong and that is how we all learn. We talked about this in maths because at the beginning of the week our self-assessment was red and by the end of the week most of us were green which meant we felt more confident.
  • Including descriptive vocabulary in our writing. This week ¬†we were trying hard to include adjectives, verbs and adverbs.

There were lots of other positive ideas and we will share these again.

Today we voted for what parts we are going to be in our Christmas performance of Born In a Barn. Everyone is getting very excited!

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