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Year 6 are ready to blog at last!

What a half term!  So much learning and a super community event to celebrate at the end. Here are just some of the inspiring comments that Year 6 have shared about their learning on our class blogs.

‘This term I have improved a lot in my times tables and I am now in Polar regions doing my easy twelves. Hopefully, I will keep up the hard work that I’m trying to do this year.’ (Avneet)

‘At St John’s my learning is going very well. I am improving in maths and I am now in Australasia!!! And I’m going to keep on working hard.’ (Mishaal)

‘This term, we have been doing a lot of science on the human body. We have mostly been learning about the circulatory system and the digestive system. We wrote up a report on them both, and some people did the respiratory system too. Some of us wrote biographies on Galen and William Harvey both pioneers in medicine.’ (Thea)

‘We are reading a book called Floodlands by Marcus Sedgewick and the book is amazing. I really want to get it.’ (Jenny)

‘Today we have been working on our stuff for the reflection day on Thursday.’ (James)

‘We have been recently working on our circulatory dance which is great fun!’ (Leiylah)

‘Last week we made mini water cycles to go on our windows because we wanted to see if we can see Condensation, Evaporation, Run Off and Transpiration. We drew mountains, sun, rain, hail, snow and water to show that it’s changing. We filled them up with water to see if the water did anything.’ (Louis)

‘Around the school I’ve seen people having friendship issues and I’ve helped some.’ (Luca)

‘Gardening was fun!’ (Evie)

Sophie is already looking to the future, “I can’t wait to go to secondary school and complete it so I can become a vet, but I will miss primary school. I will play the violin like Vivaldi. We have been listening to music by Vivaldi.  Do you like it or not?”

Finally Angel, has a super suggestion for next term! ‘Maybe we can have a day when all the children are the teachers and the teachers have to be the children.’

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