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Festival of Imagination at Warwick University


​Last week on Friday half of year 6 went on a trip to Warwick University for a science trip to see different experiments. My favourite one was the dry ice experiment. What the man did was he had a bucket full of dry ice and blew up some balloons then he put about 5 balloons in the small bucket and managed to fit all of them in. It was really clever.  We learned about gravity, planets and water below -200 degrees.

This trip was one of the best trips ever! There was 3D printing and generating electricity by riding a bike! We saw a formula one car with carrots on it and we were able to make a plastic car with a pen! I found out how pumps pump water into a water wheel and how it generates electricity. I spotted the scientist who came to school last year! I liked the computer because you could make different trees using this app called Sketchup.

There was a camera which made a spinning model slower showing a balloon.  A man made a parcel out of it and then a girl made a bird which flew to a tree at the top of the model then it restarted and continued over and over again. It was awesome and​ that was probably my third favourite bit!

The university was … well there’s no words to describe it. It made me think about my future and what I want to be.

By Ewan, William, Hailey,  Mishaal, James and Avneet.


On our return, Mr Barrow received this lovely email…


Dear Mr Barrow

I just wanted to send you an email to say what a lovely day I have had, being your year 6 children’s guide, at the Festival of the Imagination.
They were so well behaved and very polite, such a pleasure to spend time with.
I hope they all had a great time and enjoyed their experiences.

With best wishes

Emma Woods x
(PGCE student festival guide)

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