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Severn Trent Visitor

To Seven Trent,

Thank you for coming in to show us how you clean your water; I learnt a lot, because I thought cleaning water was done by a machine! From now on I will tell my mum to have a two minute shower, not an hour shower, and I will buy one of the shower timers. Thank you for cleaning our water, from Jenny.

Did you know there is something called poo power!!!! And if u leave a sprinkler on for an hour you can waste 250 litres of water! Did you know in water at Severn Trent reservoirs, stronger swimmers are likely to drown? Our visitor told us a lot about water and how we cannot waste so much.  One would be to put the plug hole in the sink while brushing your teeth which I have done. (By Mishaal, Avneet and Hailey)

Thank You Severn Trent Water for coming into our class 6B and teaching us so many fascinating facts about how water is used in many different ways and poo power. Thank You very much Severn Trent Water! (William)

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