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Year 6 playleaders

Over the past half term, Year 6 have really embraced their responsibilities. Some of the children have been blogging about their experiences as play-leaders.

Playleaders is getting better each time; my niece Ava helps me look after the other kids and we help them make new friends. We help the teachers look after the KS1 children. Me and the other Playleaders make new games and let the children share their ideas and let them also help us run the games. We help them find children from the other KS1 year groups to play with so they mix up and make new friends. Playleaders are trying to help the children to solve their problems and make good choices like, not to hurt other children and to say sorry when you make a mistake. We all hope we can improve Playleaders. (Angel)

Well the playleaders have improved since the start of the year, because then there were only me, Emma and Angel, now there are many more of us and the Junior Leadership group say that children want more. Also a couple of weeks ago, we got the hats. Actually being a playleader was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in my life. (Jack)

I’m a playleader today and I enjoy it most of the time. I like playing with my younger sister Phoebe who’s in year 2 and her friends. I like making games for everyone to play and I include everyone. It’s fun playing with the younger children because they look up to you. (Leiylah)

As a playleader, me and my friend Anna have been playing with the younger kids on a Monday lunchtime. Sometimes they can be very disrespectful and rather annoying but generally they are, in my words, adorable. They try and take our hats which is very irritating. (Ella)

Finally some sound advice from Evie

Looks like Anna and you are good friends and you enjoy playleaders.  It doesn’t really matter if the younger ones steal your hats because they are only little. All what you can say is DON,T do that, I don’t like it!


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