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Year6 Reflection Event


I am so glad that Year 6 persuaded me that they could organise 6 different 3 course meals for a healthy heart in just 4 days. They had to exhibit excellent teamwork, organisational skills, planning, persuasion (for the ingredients) patience and very high level cooking skills. Don’t just take my word for it – look at what the children have said.

Today we have been cooking! My group – Alivia, William, Jack, Oliver and I have made: chicken tortilla wraps for the starter; breakfast muffin pizzas for the main and an apple crumble for the dessert. For the starter, we included tortilla wraps, chicken, lettuce and green and yellow peppers. For the main, we used breakfast muffins, tomato puree, red peppers and mushrooms. For the dessert, we used apples, flour, oats and sugar. Overall, I think that our cooking has been really successful and I can’t wait for tomorrow, when a relative comes to see what we have created. (Thea)

Today we were cooking curry and tomato soup and we were preparing fruit salad. Some of the tomato soup did get stuck to the bottom of the pan, but Mrs Hoare managed to save the day!!! (Jenny)

Today my group and I are going to make a delicious, luxurious starter, main and dessert which is crunchy chicken Caesar salad then for the main is mouth-watering tacos and for the dessert we are baking lovely lemon muffins. The ingredients you need for the starter are lettuce, olive oil, croutons but if you don`t have any then you can get a few slices of bread and cut them in the shape of a cube and then fry them until they go crusty, then take them out then you have made your croutons. You will also need mayo, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce and Djion mustard. (Avneet)


I was really proud of you Year6, as you served our visitors and shared the feast with them. Thank you too to all the children who acted as tour guides, presenters, event managers and entertainers.


Here is what one happy visitor emailed, ‘Many thanks to you and to the class for the very pleasant tea and reflection opportunity – well worth the cycle ride from Warwick.

I was particularly impressed with the two Reece’s.


Reece 1 seemed to be entering into the spirit of a host at a party very thoroughly and with considerable verve…


The other Rhys spoke very well about the circulation system and the river. He clearly knew his stuff and presented it almost without notes – he has a future there. He spoke, to my mind better than the Head Boy did at Kenilworth School when we attended the open evening the other day.


I also liked the curry that they made.’

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