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Year 1

This term we have been learning about animals and their habitats. We had a fabulous trip to Twycross Zoo. Our favourite animals were the giraffes and elephants because the elephants squirted water out of their trunks. We were very lucky to meet Sherbet this term, Miss Williams’s pet rabbit. We learnt that rabbits like to eat vegetables and Sherbet really liked carrots.

Some of our fantastic learning this term included habitats and how animals have adapted to their homes. We learnt that Polar bears live in a cold, wintery and arctic habitat. They have adapted to their environment by having warm fur that allows them to swim in icy water and white fur to camouflage them into the snow.

We are really looking forward to our school play and we have been rehearsing our songs and lines ready to impress all of our grown-ups and teachers.

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