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4P’s mysterious English work

In 4P, we have been learning about The Animals of Farthing Wood. In the story, a character called Mr Burton thought he saw some mysterious lurking shadowy figures next to his brand new, posh swimming pool late at night. He thought no more about it and went to bed, but in the morning he noticed footprints around the pool and the water was dirty!

We had to try to work out who the shadowy figures were, who the footprints belonged to, and why the swimming pool was grubby. We thought long and hard about who it could have been (our ideas ranged from monsters to aliens to Mrs Burton!) and then we drew a picture to show what Mr Burton might have seen if he’d stayed watching at his window. Some examples are below.



Using our pictures, we then planned and wrote stories about the mysterious event that happened at the swimming pool during the night time. Some examples of our writing are below.







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