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3T Reflection- Has Greece alsways been in the news?


We have had a great half term in 3T learning all about Greece and the Ancient Greeks. We particularly enjoyed visiting Ego restaurant to taste and make traditional Greek dishes and we also had a great time using the coiling technique to make our very own Ancient Greek  inspired clay pots. In History, we acted as real historians, looking at Ancient Greek clay pottery designs to see if we could find any clues about how they lived. In Literacy, after reading a selection of Greek myths, we created our very own picture books featuring our own Greek hero and mythical creatures. We shared these picture books with the whole of year 3 one afternoon. Inspired by the Greek invented Olympics, we also challenged ourselves to see how far we could run in the world record time for the 100m sprint. We used the data we collected to create our own bar charts in Maths.

Here is our reflection event poster showcasing some of the fantastic writing we have done for each of our learning challenges.  We hope you like it!

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