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4L: The Island

In KS2 this week, we have been exploring the book ‘The Island’.

On Wednesday, we learnt the difference between a refugee and a migrant. When we explored the book, some of us decided that the stranger landing on the island was a refugee, and imagined why he had to leave his home. We explored lots of vocabulary relating to feelings and even did freeze framing about the book. In the afternoon, a local drama company visited us and we took part in lots of exciting drama activities.

On Thursday, we wrote a diary from the perspective of the stranger/refugee. We thought about how he might have been feeling at each stage. Mr Lee was very impressed with our diary entries! In the afternoon, we completed a sinking and floating experiment. We even built our own rafts!

Today, we made our diary entries even better and up-staged them onto paper for the wall in the corridor.

We thought this week was great!

By Jess and George

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