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We have had a great start to the New Year in Reception. We started our learning off with a bang…Mrs Edmonds interrupted our assembly because she had lost her hat, so straight away we went outside to look for clues. During our hunt we found 10 clues, so we went inside the classroom and opened them. Inside the 10 envelopes were 10 different pictures, we discussed the pictures and thought about how they might help us to find Mrs Edmonds hat.

Following on from our morning adventure, children designed and made new hats for Mrs Edmonds and some children independently made wanted posters to put up around school.

In the afternoon we read the story ‘I WANT MY HAT BACK’ the children noticed that the images from the story matched the images from our 10 clues. After much discussion we came up with an idea- The Bear took Mrs Edmonds hat, the Rabbit took the hat from the Bear and then the Bear took it back again.

When playing outside Ben spotted “a red pointy thing” in the junior playground, so we all dashed out to see if it was the hat we had all been looking for and it was. The children were so happy and said that the Bear must have felt guilty and then gave the hat back to it’s rightful owner Mrs Edmonds.

Finally the mystery was solved. The children then produced their own version of the story ‘I WANT MY HAT BACK’.


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