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Reception- Storytelling boxes

In Reception this week we have been learning  to grasp the linear nature of a typical story using our storytelling boxes. We used 7 boxes to tell our story,  these were labelled as follows:

  1. Who?
  2. Where?
  3. Where next?
  4. Things that go wrong (problems)
  5. Who helps?
  6. Where last?
  7. Feelings.

The boxes contain pictures which relate to the external labels:

  1. Pictures of a variety of characters/people.
  2. Pictures of a wide range of buildings / locations
  3. Further pictures of buildings / locations
  4. Illustrations  of problems that the characters in a story could typically face such as  natural phenomena – floods, lightning, avalanche, fire etc.
  5. Illustrations of members of the fire service,  members of the police force and other services; also pictures of  everyday people and animals such as a St. Bernard dog.
  6. Even more pictures of buildings / locations.
  7. Illustrations of people smiling, crying, laughing etc.

To complete the storytelling the children were invited to pick 2 pictures from the first box and  1 picture from each of the remaining 6 boxes. These were then  displayed above the boxes in a line. When all pictures had been chosen we told the story, using the illustrations as a guide.

In an Early Years context, a great deal of the fundamental understanding of what a story  is, is gained through hearing a broad range of stories read. A range of activities can be used to augment the central  role of story reading in developing narrative awareness and we used our story boxes to develop our understanding.

In Maths this week we spoke about the sequence of a typical day- wake up, have breakfast, go to school, have lunch etc. The children used pictures and placed them in a daytime section or a night-time section. We then learnt the days of the week and the months of the year.

We have had lots of fun learning this week!



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