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Reception- The Three Little Pigs

In Literacy this week we have been reading the story of The Three Little Pigs. We sequenced the story and wrote a letter of apology from the Wolf to The Pigs, he wanted to say sorry for blowing their houses down and trying to eat them. We also sorted and talked about manmade and natural materials as the three pigs had built their houses using different resources. We wrote a wanted poster for The Big Bad Wolf because after blowing the houses down he went on the run and we needed to find him. The children remembered to use their finger spaces when writing and were able to use their phonics knowledge to sound out words.

In Maths this week we have been learning about weight. We talked about what the word weight means and how we can measure the weights of different objects. We used the scales to weigh different items and discussed our findings.  When we were weighing we used words such as heavy, lighter and lightest, heaviest and balanced. We also looked the the materials the three little pigs used to build their houses: straw, sticks and bricks. We looked the the weight of each material but then the bad bad wolf (Mrs Fenners hairdryer) came and blew the straw and sticks down.

In cooking this week we made hedgehog bread, the children showed good fine motor skills as they made the spikes for their hedgehog.

Have a lovely weekend everybody!

Mrs Fenner and Miss Gill

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