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Letter from the mermaid – Year 2



We had such a surprise in year 2. A large letter with beautiful, gold handwriting appeared in our classroom. The letter made a bit of a mess as it was covered in sparkly, silver sand! Quickly, we realised the letter must be from the Singing Mermaid who lives at Silversands. We have been reading The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson. She had contacted us following our persuasive letters we had written the week before. The mermaid asked us to rewrite the ending of the story so that she did not decide to go with Sly Sam – we accepted the challenge and have posted our stories to Silversands. We are all looking forward to a reply.

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  1. Kyle Earp says:

    I liked your blog as it tell us what year two has been doing in school.

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