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Can you ‘share a heart’? Post your top tips for staying safe online below or you could share a positive thing about the internet.

3 Responses to “#shareaheart”

  1. 2B says:

    We would like to share some positive things about the internet:

    – Search engines can help you learn new things. This is a good place to search

    – You can play great E-Safety games.

    – You can watch T.V and videos online!

    – You can find out how to draw new things.

    – You can read books online.

    – You can learn great things about nature.

    – ‘DK Findout’ is an amazing way to find out science facts such as learning about your body.

  2. 3CT says:

    E-Safety Tip:
    Only play online with people you know and trust.
    Don’t give away your personal details.
    Never rely on one website as it might be wrong. Always check 2!

    Good Way to use the internet:
    Is to research your homework, checking more than 1 website.
    To blog, share your ideas and thoughts with others.

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