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School games at the Campion school 2016

Me, Evie, Angel, Jack, Shea and James went to the school games at the Campion school we did Boccia, Archery and Rowing. First we did Boccia the boys were blue team and the girls were the red team and we girls won 4 times the boys won 2 times .Then we did Archery the bows were huge and hard to hold after that we did rowing THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!Then we had a snack then we went back to school.

Written by Ella


Campion school games.

I went to school and I got my P.E kit on and my trainers on. Miss Hoare got a mini bus. We went on it. Me ,Ella Angel, Shea ,James came with me to the school games as well and Miss Harrison came as well. The first thing we did is go to the room where you do the rowing and the running machines where. The lady ran through on what we are doing. We went to the hall. We sat down on little white chairs. Me , Ella, Angel had the red balls Jack, Shea, James had the blue balls. After Miss Hoare and Miss Harrison had a quick go too. Then we did Archery it was fun. At first the teacher helped me. But I could do it myself so she stopped helping me. After that we did rowing that was the best. I banished to do it. Then we had a play. After we had a drink, Apples and biscuits. Then we went back to school.


At Campion school we did archery, boccia and rowing. First we played Boccia, boys against girls. The girls won it was 4 – 2 to them. Then after we did archery and I scored 56. I found it easy and it was very fun. I was proud of myself that I could do it because I thought I couldn’t. Next we did rowing. It was quite fun and not actually that hard. Then we did fun activities like boxing and the cross trainer as we had a little bit more time.


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So the class has uncovered some hidden sporting talent and the amazing news is that all of these superstars are through to the Level 3 competition at County level in March! Good luck and go St. John’s!

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  1. Miss Blower says:

    Fantastic news! Well done year 6. Looking forward to reading about more of your sporting achievements.

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