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Gymnastics success for Year 2 children!

On Tuesday, 8 boys and girls from 2B went to Trinity Secondary School in Leamington Spa to compete with other schools from Kenilworth and Leamington.

They had to take part in three different activities, the whole time being judged and scored by a team of expert gymnasts! Firstly, they had to learn and perform a routine to show to an audience. After that they had to, individually complete the vault. The judges were looking for control, pointed toes and a perfect jump with bent knees and a super smart gymnastics finish. The final judged section was the floor routine that all of year two have worked hard to rehearse. There was a lot to remember but the children did a fantastic job, remembering every jump, turn, roll and movement!

The children bounced happily (can you tell we have also been learning to use adverbs?) out of the school and onto our private mini-bus because they all had shining silver medals around their necks for coming second place!

Well done Year 2!





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  1. Mr Barrow says:

    What a fantastic achievement! I am very proud of you all.

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