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Reception- People who help us.

This half term our topic is ‘Life in modern Britain’ and we have started the topic by learning about people who help us. Throughtour the week we have learnt about different occupations we see in modern Britain today, such as a Doctor, Vet and Police Officer. We disussed what makes each job unique and special and how the wider community can help us. After learning about various jobs, the children all wrote a sentence describing one of the occupations.

In Maths this week we have been learning about capacity and looked at vocabulary such as, empty, half full and full.  We then worked in the water-tray and explored capacity in water, filling and emptying a variety of containers and experimenting if the size of the container makes a difference to the amount of water being held.

In cooking this week we make shortbread. The children followed the instructions and produced lovely shortbread which they enjoyed with milk at hometime. The children showed understanding of the need for safety when tackling new challenges, and were able to consider and manages some risks independently.

On Friday we had a special treat as Mrs Powell brought in her Rabbit Benji.

What a great start to the half term!

Mrs Fenner and Miss Gill

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