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Reception- The Gruffalo

We have had a lovely first week back following the Easter break. This term our topic is ‘Room on the Broom’ and we are looking at a selection of books written by the author Juila Donaldson.

This week we started off by reading one of our favourite stories, The Gruffalo.  In literacy we had a go at designing and describing our very own terrible creature just like Julia did in the story of The Gruffalo. We then wrote a sentence about our creature and why is was so scary. The children also independently wrote a sentence about their favourite character from the Gruffalo and why they liked that character the most. When writing we were making sure that we used capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

In Maths this week we have been looking at numbers 1-20, placing number cards in order and recognising numbers out of sequence. We have also been looking at one more and one less and seeing what we could remember from our previous learning. We looked at a number line and spoke about the numbers that come before and after and this helps us to know what is one more or one less than a given number. We then chose a number card 10-20 and had to match the correct amount of objects to the number.

This week we also enjoyed playing in our new Gruffalo role-play area inside the classroom and our garden centre outdoors.

Mrs Fenner and Miss Gill

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