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Year 3 Stone Age Day 8th April

Today, we had Stone Age day. People, who had apparently been to the Stone Age period, came to the classroom and shared all their artefacts with us. We saw lots of animal skins which were used for clothes and blankets to keep them warm. We saw weapons like spears, bows and arrows and skinning knifes these were all made from either stone or animal bones. Some people ate woodland ants, grasshoppers, mealworms and beef jerky, these are all types of foods the Stone Age people ate.

In the afternoon we made Fat lamps, these are clay pot lamps that you fill with oil or animal fat, put in natural string for the wick and you then have a candle. We also tried to make an arrow head out of slate. We had to rub the slate against sandstone to sharpen it to a point.

We had an amazing creative day and can’t wait to learn more about the Stone Age people.

Photos will be put up shortly.

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