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This week in 5E!

What a busy first week back we’ve had in Year 5!

The week started off with a small group of children going on the hunt for some clues that revealed to us a dragon had been hiding in the schools during the holidays! (Unfortunately, we did find out that Miss Eggleton had put them there on purpose, but it was still fun!) We then used our fantastic descriptive vocabulary to describe them using adjectives ready for a character description of Toothless, the dragon from the popular film and books ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.

We also had some new members of the class join us this week. Tadpoles! One of the children kindly brought in some frogspawn and we have enjoyed watched them grow. They’re much bigger than they were on Tuesday already… maybe we’ll have frogs hopping around the classroom after the weekend!

To finish the week Miss Eggleton made us all look very old… She even made herself look old too! Then we had a go at drawing what our faces might look like when we are 70+. Here is the example that Miss Eggleton drew for us. They will be on the display board soon so come and have a look at all the brilliant artists in 5E!

Who knows what next week will bring….

5E x


Drawing ourselves with wrinkles!


Looking for clues.


Looking for clues.


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  1. Lucy Morris says:

    T he teacher looks very funny with an old and young face!

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