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E-Safety Activity 17.05.16

Last week, we set the school an activity which was to watch your year group’s video about E-safety.

What choices did the characters make that made them unsafe? If you were that person what would you do differently to change the situation and not become a target?

Please add your comments below.

From the E-Safety Team


5 Responses to “E-Safety Activity 17.05.16”

  1. 1D says:

    The character clicked on a box that said he could win a teddy bear if he clicked here. If we were that person, we would ask an adult for help so that we stayed safe on the computer.

  2. Miss Blower says:

    What a good idea 1D. Thank you for your comment!

  3. 5E says:

    What choices did the character make that made them unsafe?
    All of her personal information was public. Anyone could take her personal information. The man was lying about his information. The girl started to reply to the stranger. She uploaded a picture of her in her school uniform. She posted pictures she wouldn’t want her parents to see. She told him where to meet her
    What would you do differently?
    Think about what you put online. Make all online accounts private only post appropriate pictures. Click the report button to report something bad. Don’t always trust what people say on the internet. Just ignore messages from strangers. Don’t meet up with strangers from the internet.

  4. 2B says:

    First of all the little girl should have asked permission before she used the computer! The next mistake she made was that she clicked a button as she thought she would get a free teddy bear. This is called a pop-up.

    Our advice and how we would behave differently would be:

    – Find a grown up first before you go on a computer. They could watch you.

    – If something pops up check what it is and ask an adult what you should do.

    – Call a grown up to come and watch the whole time. Not to be on your own with a new game.

    – If there is a problem or something that makes you feel unsafe walk away and tell an adult.

    – It could be a big mistake, for example take money out of your parents bank account. So never click anything if you are not sure about it!

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