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Reception- Handa’s Surprise

This week in Literacy we read the story of Handa’s Surprise, we used picture cards to sequence the story, we pretended to be a character from the story and created a story map. We also looked at the fruits from Handa’s Surprise and created observation pastel drawings of the fruit.

In Maths this week we have been recapping subtraction. We know that subtraction is the same as taking away and the number gets smaller. Using real fruit and play dough oranges we showed an understanding of how to take away practically and how to record this in a number sentence.

This week we also had a fabulous class trip to Warwick Arts Centre where we watched the show Tiddler and other Terrific Tales. We all had a great time and enjoyed being on the coach and going to the theatre. All the children were really well behaved and represented St. John’s School well, we were very proud of them.

RG also had their class assembly this week, they showed all the wonderful learning they have being doing. It was lovely to watch and we hope parents and carers enjoyed it too.

Mrs Fenner and Miss Gill

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