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E-Safety activity of the week

Do you know the differences between social networking sites and our learning platform (welearn365)?

Can you add your comments below?

Think about your behaviour on these different places. Appropriate places to share information and safety. We look forward to reading your responses.


From St John’s E-Safety Team

5 Responses to “E-Safety activity of the week”

  1. Lucy Morris says:

    Some answers from Year 1….

    – Welearn is only for people that go to St Johns.
    – You are safe to play and talk to people on Welearn.
    – There is no rude stuff that can pop up on Welearn.

  2. 2B says:

    2B have had a class discussion. These are some of our responses:

    – Only grown ups should go on Facebook and social networking sites. Children should not go on these because they might give away personal information.

    – It is illegal for children to have a Facebook account.

    – If you want to look at social networking sites you should have an adult who is in control showing you.

    – You need to be 13 or older to have an Instagram account. If you are older you should put yourself on ‘private’ so that people you do not know can not see your photos.

    – ‘welearn365’ is different because it is safer. Could people just say they are from St John’s primary school and get on there?

    – ‘welearn365’ does not have any pop-ups and you never see rude things. You can feel safe.

    – You can go onto pupil programmes and know that there will be nothing dangerous.

    – You need a special password and to go to St John’s Primary School before you can get onto welearn365

  3. 4L says:

    – WeLearn cannot be accessed by the public, so people we do not know cannot get onto it.

    – You don’t see rude/inappropriate things on WeLearn

    – You need a password to be able to see WeLearn and you need a password to get onto it

    – WeLearn can be changed and edited by an adult

  4. 5E says:

    This is year 5’s response:

    – The reason why welearn365 is different is because it’s a lot more private and you need an account to be able to go on it. On facebook and twitter you don’t need an account to look at things.

    – Welearn365 is for children which means its safe because nobody can get onto you account and there is no inappropriate content.

    – Welearn365 is easy to access.

    – Welearn365 help you to learn!

    – If you do use instagram or other social networking sites, make sure you block them so they can’t see your account or you could change your privacy settings.

    5E really like welearn365 because you can get great templates for writing, access to purple mash and lots of other fun stuff!

  5. 3CT says:

    Welearn365 is better because it keeps what you are doing private from other people. It is much better than Facebook or other websites as it is much safer younger children so they can go on it without having to be supervised by an adult. It is safer because you need a password so others can not get into your account and your details.

    Many of year 3 did not initially know the difference between social media and Welearn365 until we read the other comments from the classes. Thank you for your help.

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