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Class 2T’s visit to Kenilworth Castle

On Wednesday 5th October, we visited Kenilworth Castle. We had a really good time and learnt lots of new information. We met a really nice lady called Alice who told us all about the different parts of the castle. Our favourite part was exploring all the different areas of the castle, including the Great Hall, the kitchen and the Keep. After lunch, we visited the old stables and dressed up in lots of clothes from the olden days. It was very funny! After that, we went to the Elizabeth Gardens which were beautiful and saw some birds in a large pen. Then we went to the old gate house and saw a bedroom chamber from the olden days. There was a man in there who told us that we could buy the castle for just 1p! But we would have to spend 1.5 million pounds a month to look after it. We had a fantastic day and we enjoyed it a lot!

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